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Sister Cities
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International sister cities are the importable platforms of expanding the open strategy, which is also the main grasp of promoting the new-tape urbanization and Internationalization. Now the intercourse of international sister cities has become the important ways for foreign exchange and cooperation, and the important symbol of urban open compatible level and civilization prosperity. In recent years, the external exchange has opened new avenues, which not only closer the distance of international society, also deepen the friendship between two cities; what’s more, it has contributed to the promotion of the popularity and the reputation for the opening of Lishui. Up to March in 2015, Lishui city and counties (cities and districts) have totally linked with 20 international sister cities, among which there are 11 couples of cities and 9 couples of counties (cities and districts).


The Introduction of Sister Cities


Lishui and Mishima, Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan

   Mishima is located in the east of Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, belong to Fuji foothills, the throat of Izu Peninsula. The city is 100 kilometers apart from Tokyo, with the total area of 62.17 square kilometers, 11.1 kilometers across from east to west and 13 kilometers from north to south. Mishima has a population of 0.11 million, and its city tree is maidenhair tree, city flower is Shizuoka Sakura.

  The main industries in Mishima are service industry, construction industry, business, transportation, manufacturing of machinery, metal and food. In the industrial manufacture, the GDP of electrical and mechanical prod accounts for 30.1% in the total industrial output value, while the GDP of general machine accounts for 16.7%. The modernization degree of agriculture is also high. The planting industry is mainly for rice, potatoes, Chinese cabbages, radishes and flowers, while the milk cows, beef cattle, layers and broilers are mainly raised in breeding industry.

  There are 14 primary schools, 7 junior high schools, 3 high schools 5 colleges, NIG, international relations at the university of Japan and railway research center in Mishima.

  The transport is developed in Mishima, it was once called “Mishima Post” because it was one of the 53 courier stations connecting Tokyo and Kyoto. Two railways are in Mishima, one is JR Tokai, and another is Shinkansen. Mishima stop of Shinkansen set up in 1997has become the access of the tourism in Izu. In addition, No.1 national line runs through Mishima.

  Benefited from the superior natural environment, Mishima has become the city with flourishing culture from ancient to now. It was regarded to “the model area of water and greening” by Japan Land Bureau. The goal of the city is becoming “water, greening and culture” with education, residence, business and tourism.


Lishui and City of Rahway, New Jersey, US

  City of Rahway located in the southeast of Unionville, and 15 miles apart from Manhattan (about 24 kilometers). Rahway locates in the coastal plain of New Jersey, with the land area of 4.1 square miles and 26500 people (counted in 2000). The climate is similar to the close cities New York, Philadelphia and Boston.

  The independent local laws set out in 1950 was carries out as well as the leading system of mayor-council government. The elected mayor is for a term of 4 years. Meanwhile, the elected 9 councilmen (3 councilmen in charge of this city, another 6 for the 6 administrative regions) were also for a term of 4 years.

  Rahway is famous for the production of medicine, communication equipment, auto parts, cereal, music box and vacuum cleaner. Most of lands are used for residence; only small parts are used for business or industry.

  The rushed Northeast Passage and coast line of North Jersey has unified Newark, Manhattan, Trenton and The Jersey Shore. The busiest autoroute 1 and autoroute 9, Gordon State Green Sprout Avenue, New Jersey Turnpike are apart less than 2 miles from municipal roads.

One of the largest pharmaceutical enterprises in the world, Merck & Co has set the head quarter in Rahway, which has a history of a hundred years, up to the 90s of the 20th century, Merck has moved the head quarter out of Rahway. The city replanned the divisions of Merck & Co, pushing it to be the largest research and development center in Rahway, furthermore investing 2 billion for the foundation of extension service facility and the doubling of labor force. Recently, one recovery plan was carried out in Rahway, aiming at rebuild to be business center. The transport company in 1998 set up the 16 million cost railway station business center, which has greatly promoted the economy development. In 2000, the government has built the leisure center in the nearby, now it is pushing the development of “art center” and the surrounding areas.


Lishui and Jeolla lishui of Korea

  Jeolla lishui of Korea locates in Lishui Peninsula, the southermost point of Korean peninsula, belong to South Jeolla Province. The city is east to Gyeongsang South Road, the County of the South China Sea across the sea, which is bordered by Garden of the Earth in the west, by the South China Sea in the south and Suncheon in the north, merging by original Lichuan, Lishui, Lichuan County on April 1st, 1998. The city has a population of 0.33 million people, with the land area of 497.53 square kilometers, governing 1 yap (town), 6 covers (districts), 21 dongs (street). The annual average temperature is 14.6 degrees Celsius; mean annual precipitation is 1648 millimeters.

  Lishui owns Lishui national industrial district and Kuribu local industrial district, which will be built to coastal industrial city. It is also the important petrochemical industry base in Korea. Lichuan chemical industrial base is the national chemical industrial base, with 100 large-scale chemical enterprises and affiliated enterprises, mainly producing fertilizer, purified petroleum and petroleum chemicals, exporting oils, synthetic resin, elastomeric seal and fertilizer to China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Iran and Bahrain.

The agricultural and sideline in Lishui is mainly marine fisheries, especially famous for “fishing city”. The main crops are rice, wheat, beans, vegetables and flowers, with the fruits of apples, pears and peaches.

  There are 99 elementary and secondary schools, 2 colleges and 1 special school.

  Lishui is a city with nation protection by sea that has a long history, retaining the national treasure Zhennan House, nation cultural sites like Funadokoro and Hungguk Temple, and historical heritage like the appointed natural monument dinosaur fossils, accumulation horizon and Jiseokmyogun. It is also the famous tourism city in the south coast, with the landscape of Hallyeohaesang National Park, Odongdo, Port Hamilton, Kvitoya, Vulture Island, Wan Shengli Bathing Beach and Fang Zhubu Bathing Beach. The human landscapes are anti old Japanese stele, Quan Luozuo Suyeong, Wuzhong Temple, Hungguk Temple, manufacture place of navy weapon, Qu River of boat manufacture, Sun Liangyuan memorial hall. The main cultural activities are Zhennan Worship (May 3rd- May 8th), South China Sea Seafood Festival (May 3rd-May 10th), Rajagaha Jindal Festival (the middle of April).


Lishui and Aegean Island of Greece

  Aegean Island locates in the middle of Gonzalo Knicks Bay, Greece, with the landscape of 85 square kilometers, the coastline measures about 57 kilometers and has a population of 0.011 million. The island is the first independent city built in 1821, which plays an important role in the history of Greece. In 1826, the island has become the first center of government in the modern history of Greece, also regarded as the capital at that time. The first state bank, national museum, national library, national printer were built here.

  Aegean Island has exquisite scenery and spreads many ancient Greek mythologies full of human landscape. There are a chain of undulating hills on the island while several port towns dotted at the peaceful coast areas. The island has long been known as “land of idyllic beauty”. The tourism is developed on the island, riding or walking along the sea, the classic buildings, cafe bars and Wurou bars at the seaside in the new age are too delighted to leave. In summer, grand cultural ceremonies will be held on the island, like the “Cultural Summer” organized by the government and cultural department, International Music Festival, which almost involved all art forms. Besides for the beautiful landscape on the island, the tourists can visit many interesting historical site, temples and full of religious atmosphere. This is Aegean Island, full of power and wisdom.