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Founded in October 1992 and promoted to a national non-regional enterprise, YEARCON is a Chinese enterprise that designs, develops, manufactures, and sells shoes with operations all across China. The company operates strictly according to rules and regulations and owns clear property rights. At present, YEARCON has around 6000 employees in the company.

YEARCON’s headquarter covers an area of more than 120 mu and its floor area is around 110,000 square meters. The company holds a fixed asset of over ¥400 million and has six wholly-owned subsidiaries, 25 modern production lines. Statistics show that YEARCON can produce up to 16 million pairs of shoes and launch about over 10,000 new items in all lines every year. YEARCON’s R&D center has been titled as a provincial R&D center. The company has established 35 regional sales centers across the country as well as more than 3,000 franchise stores. Furthermore, YEARCON adopts the Chinese Industrial Standards and makes endeavors to improve the customer service, building a powerful marketing service network nationwide.

YEARCON’s leather shoes products have won the company honors such as Chinese Genuine Leather Trademark, Name Brand of Zhejiang Province, and China Genuine Leather Shoes etc. The enterprise is now a member of the Leather Industry Association of Zhejiang Province, Leading Leather Shoes Maker of Zhejiang Province, one of the “A Group of Five” Key Enterprises, and one of the first group of Trustworthy Enterprises of Zhejiang Province. In November 2004, YEAERCON’s trademark was recognized as a Famous Brand in China. In 2006, the company was awarded the name of Leader of the Genuine Leather Shoes Sector. Later in 2007,

YEARCON’s sports series and leather product series were recognized as Famous Brand in China.

Government leaders Wen Jiabao, Xi Jinping, Chen Muhua, Zhang Dejiang, Yong Longtu etc. have visited YEARCON’s headquarter before, appraising highly of the company’s achievement made throughout the course of development and giving their sincere wish that the brand would become an international brand.

As one of the largest shoes makers in China, YEARCON is taking initiative to transform its industrial structure, emphasize on innovation, and carry out its brand strategy, so as to enhance the competence of the brand name comprehensively from head to toes. YEARCON’s traveling shoes base was built in July 2002 in Quanzhou, Fujian Province while its accessory manufacture base in Huadu District, Guangzhou Province was put into operation in February 2003. Both of the bases have attained great performance and generated a great deal of revenue, showcasing the industry scale YEARCON has been building up.

Apart from its economic success, YEARCON also brings forth social benefits for people. Up till now the company has donated a total sum of over ¥20 million to many charities and foundations.

YEARCON deeply believes in the developmental path that’s based on science and technology and always sticks to a personnel-centric management philosophy. The company follows the direction of building a harmonious society brought about by the central government and makes efforts to build an enterprise with a good relationship with society, the environment, and its staff. During the three years before the 12th Five-Year Plan, the company had been furthering its development on its system establishment and enhancing internal management, an effort to bring up its product development, product quality, marketing power, and team etc. to the next level. In this way, the company will be able to make a prestigious brand name in the global business world and expand its market share. In addition to that, the company is also entering and exploring the global market as its revenue hit over ¥2 billion, making YEARCON truly a leader in the shoes making industry in China.