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Zhejiang M&F Chemistry
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Established in 2004, Zhejiang M&F Chemistry is a manufacturing company specialized in PU synthetic leather and PU resin. The company is located at No353 Greendale Valley Avenue, Shuige Industrial District, Lishui, covering a construction area of 52119.34 square meters, a floor area of 76621.73 square meters and a green area of 9686.8 square meters.

The company has a registered capital of 65.8 million and an investment of 200 million, and it has introduced 4 dry and 3 wet advanced assembly lines, synthetic leather processing equipment in whole set and resin manufacturing equipment introduced from Japan. It has the capacity to produce 100,000 tons of PU resin and 20 million square meters PU synthetic leathers each year, with the capacity reaching 800 million. Major products made of resins include wet resin, dry surface resin, dry bonding layer resin, split leather resin and special functional resin; major products made of PU synthetic leathers are clothing leather, sofa leather, shoe leather and nubuck leathers, which are widely applicable in shoes, leather bags, sofa and high-end decorative materials.

Since its establishment, the company has maintained steady growth and ranks the top in Lishui Economic Development Zone in terms of output value and tax revenue in consecutive years. In 2008, the output value hit 600 million with a tax payment of 15 millionand the output value in 2009 reached 700 million with a tax revenue of 17.43 million while 2010 witnessed an output revenue of 852.3 million with the tax payment breaking 20 million for the first time.

Good bank credit rating promises the company a good reputation in various awards. It was awarded by Lishui Economic Development Zone as "Meritorious Enterprise", "Top Ten Taxpayers Enterprises", "Excellent Enterprise", "Synthetic Leather Production Safety Standard Company", "Fire Control Advanced Unit", and it has been successively honored as "Garden Unit", "AA grade Contract-credit Enterprise", "Municipal Credible Enterprise" "Provincial Credible Enterprise", "Municipal Energy-saving Advanced Group", "Municipal Energy-saving Demonstration Enterprise", “2010 Yield per Mu Tax Contribution Award”, “2010 Lishui Top 20 Tax Payment Industrial Enterprises”, “2010 Lishui Top 50 Industrial Enterprises”, “Municipal Main Pollutants Emission Superior Unit” , “Municipal Advanced Group for 811 Environment Protection Campaign in New Three years”, “Outstanding Contribution Unit in Supporting Zhejiang First Sports Meeting” and “Provincial Advanced Enterprise for Mutual Love and Review( love between enterprises and employees, review between employees and managers)”. In 2011, it was recommended as the “Leading Backbone Enterprise of Lishui Industry Enterprises” by Municipal Economic and Trade Committee and be recommended as Demonstration Enterprise for Credit Management by Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau. In 2009, Minfeng synthetic leather won the title of “Lishui Famous Brand”.

Currently, the company is taking positive action and making efforts to carry out a series of activities including technological innovation”, “management innovation” and “marketing innovation” to enhance the comprehensive strength of the company, highlighting brand strategy towards the development path of new industrialization. It is going to build a modernized sustainable group in the industry-leading level by making the enterprise more competitive.