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Zhejiang Suncha Bamboo and Wood Profile
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Established on July 15th, 1995, Suncha is a company integrating technology research and development, manufacturing, production and marketing. The major products are bamboo and wood craft chopsticks, chopping block, toothpicks, small bamboo furniture. It is a provincial backbone agriculture, national new high-tech technology enterprise, and national patent demonstration pilot. The research and development center inside the company was awarded as “Zhejiang Agricultural Technology Research and Development Center”, and the National Bamboo Research Center established “National Bamboo Research and Development Center Suncha Research Institute”.

Suncha is the one of the best in bamboo manufacturing. It processes 300 million bamboo craft chopsticks, 3 million bamboo cutting board and 700 tons of bamboo toothpicks each year by utilizing high-quality resources. Empowered by unique enterprise culture and core operating team, Suncha pursues leadership in modes, technology and service and even becomes the leading industries of chopsticks, cutting board and toothpick industries given the strong force and breakthrough in new high- technology.

Suncha has 45 marketing offices throughout China, and its congeneric products take 50 percent occupancy in supermarkets like Walmart, Carrefour, Metro, RT-Market, Auchan, Lotus Supermarket, Tesco, Trust-Mart and Century Mart.

 As the chopstick supplier of Olympics and World Expo, Suncha is established on technological innovation and devoted to building first brand of civil bamboo products, developing and producing better-qualified and more beautiful, environmental bamboo products for mass consumers together with suitable, sweet and secured experiences. The company is committed to produce first-rate products in the bamboo household supplies fields.

In order to shape the brand image of Suncha in technology and aesthetics and demonstrate the essence and connotation of Suncha products, people in the company have been focusing on innovative spirits and field demands exploration. Taking the field development as their own responsibility, the company has gained extraordinary achievements with enormous capital and human resource.

In 2002,"Suncha" was awarded as provincial famous brand and well-known firm, and the "Suncha craft chopsticks" was awarded "Zhejiang famous brand"; in 2004, the enterprise's song "Green Life" won the "Golden Melody Award for First National Environmental Protection Charity Songs Grand Prix"; in 2007, the "Suncha" trademark was listed as Chinese well-known trademark; in 2008, the company was identified as "Small and Middle-sized Technological Enterprise of Zhejiang Province" by Zhejiang Science and Technology Agency. In 2008, it was awarded as “Zhejiang Backbone Agricultural Enterprise” and Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprise; in 2009, it won the title of “National High and New Technology Enterprise”; In 2010, it was renowned as “National Enterprises and Institution Demonstration Pilots for Intellectual Property” and “Mayor Quality Award” by Lishui government, and it won “Outstanding Contribution Award” for paying most taxes among all private enterprises in 2009 and 2010 consecutively.