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Government Organizations
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  • Municipal Government Office (Office of Legislative Affairs)
  • Municipal Development and Reform Commission (Municipal Grain Bureau, Municipal Prices Bureau)
  • Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology (Municipal Small and Medium Enterprise Bureau, Municipal Merchants Bureau)
  • Municipal Education Bureau
  • Municipal Technology Division (Municipal Earthquake Bureau)
  • Municipal National Religious Affairs Management Institution
  • Municipal Public Security Bureau
  • Municipal Supervision Bureau
  • Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs
  • Municipal Justice Bureau
  • Municipal Finance Bureau
  • Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau
  • Municipal Land and Resources Bureau
  • Municipal Construction Bureau (Municipal Planning Department, Municipal Bureau of Surveying and Mapping)
  • Municipal Transport Bureau
  • Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau
  • Municipal Agricultural Bureau
  • Municipal Commerce Bureau
  • Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Television, Press and Publication
  • Municipal Public Health and Family Planning Commission
  • Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission
  • Municipal Securities and Markets Authority
  • Municipal Auditing Bureau
  • Municipal Environment Protection Bureau
  • Municipal Statistical Bureau
  • Municipal Forestry Bureau
  • Municipal Travel Commission
  • Municipal Overseas Chinese Office
  • Municipal Urban Management Bureau (City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau)
  • Municipal Administration of Work Safety
  • Municipal Civil Air Defence Office
  • Municipal Food and Drug Administration
  • Municipal Letters and Visits Bureau
  • Lishui CBRC Branch
  • Lishui Immigration Office
  • Municipal Sports Bureau
  • Municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperative
  • Municipal Provident Fund Management Center
  • Municipal Red Cross Society
  • Municipal Agricultural Office (Poverty Relief Office)
  • Municipal Archives Bureau
  • Municipal Authorities Affairs
  • Municipal Urban Management Supervision and Command Center
  • Municipal Finance Office
  • Municipal Renovation and Expansion Project
  • Municipal Cooperation Office

Special Entity

  • Lishui State Asset Regulatory Commission

Part of the Central or Provincial Institutions

  • Municipal Office, SAT
  • Lishui CIQ
  • Lishui Bureau of Quality Supervision
  • Lishui Customs
  • The People’s Bank of China,Lishui Central Sub-Branch
  • Municipal Bureau of Meteorology
  • Municipal Electric Power Bureau
  • Municipal Postal Service
  • Municipal Tobacco Bureau


  • Lishui Administration Committee of the Development Zone
  • Municipal Trial Management Office
  • Liaison Office in Beijing
  • Liaison Office in Shanghai
  • Liaison Office in Hangzhou
  • Liaison Office in Fuzhou
  • Liaison Office in Xinjiang

County (City, Town) Government

  • Liandu Government
  • Longquan Government
  • Qingtian Covernment
  • Yunhe Government
  • Qingyuan Government
  • Jinyun Government
  • Suichang Government
  • Songyang Government
  • Jingning Government